Whether you realize it or not, you have spent your entire life changing your genetic activity. When you come in contact with an infection, such as a common cold, the activity of the bone marrow genes increases, and the production of white blood cells that you need to cure your infection intensifies. Genes are a dynamic, active grouping of an individual’s life, responding daily to influences from the environment, the individual’s background and the food he ingests. What happens in those situations where you are overweight, bloated, struggling with low energy, bland skin and lifeless hair? What do you do in those winters when the colds seem to be chained? But when the doctor warns you that you are a candidate for heart disease, diabetes or other relentless illness? The purpose of Genetic Nutrition is to cause good genes to reactivate and soothe adverse genes.



With over 6 years of experience in the field of genotype nutrition and hundreds of consultations, our specialists are at your disposal. We will analyze together your lifestyle and diet, we will identify the triggering causes of your problems, we will establish together the ways to fight them and the necessary steps to implement the necessary changes. It is not easy, but we will support you at every step, so that you do not feel alone in this process and make sure that you achieve your goals.

Plans include detoxification strategies, nutritional rebalancing with an emphasis on optimizing menus in terms of one’s genotype, health issues and personal goals. Also, where appropriate, we come up with additional recommendations to meet the genetic predispositions to develop cancers, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

It is very important an individual anamnesis, as well as close family members.




Genetic Medicine

The first aspect of the Genotype program is genetic medicine, as each of the body’s functions begins with everyone’s genes. Genetic medicine has the role of reprogramming the response of our genes and is the deepest and most lasting force of change. It is the fastest way to trigger those positive changes and the safest way to maintain them.


Genetic predispositions

The genotype program has the great advantage of identifying the genetic predispositions of each, so we can make a complex diet plan that addresses both current problems and predispositions to develop certain medical conditions such as cancer, metabolic diseases, heart disease, etc.


Personalized food plan

To achieve optimal functioning, it is necessary to feed yourself according to your own genotype, so you bring your genetic levels to normal parameters. We will apply personalized eating plans for each Genotype, highlighting the superfoods that will work best to ensure optimal health, weight and vitality.


Sustainable strategy

Genetic nutrition is the fastest way to trigger change and the safest way to maintain it. In a consultation we analyze together all aspects specific to the genotype. They act to ensure optimal health, weight and vitality. Therefore, the best strategy is an adequate diet combined with exercise.


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Depending on the complexity of the required nutrition program, the standard package starts at EUR 45 / consultation.