Barre Fitness entered Romania in 2015, Nona Trif Schneider being the first Barre certified instructor in the country. Subsequently, on April 20, 2017, the first Barre studio in Romania was born, Barre Fitness Academy®. Barre Fitness Academy® was an intimate and elegant studio, dedicated to ladies, being also the only school for Barre Fitness instructors in the country. Due to the pandemic we continued our activity exclusively online and we are expanding abroad rapidly. The Barre Fitness Academy® team is constantly working to develop this training concept by introducing new styles and specialized classes.



Barre Instructor Training

Why did we choose to develop the barre fitness training concept?

Barre training involves the muscles of the whole body and is focused at the same time on stretching and strengthening the muscles, offering high intensity and low impact. This is the main thing women look for during training, because they want to become stronger, but to remain feminine, to increase their heart resistance, to improve their posture and to lose weight and centimeters. So we choose barre fitness because it is the ideal workout for women, with multiple psychological benefits, physical remodeling, postural improvement, support and postnatal recovery. It is an upgraded standing pilates workout, exactly what you are looking for!

Specialized workouts

Nutrition and lifestyle

Barre Instructor Certification


Here are some benefits you can get when you take the Barre course.


Fast results

Soon your body will reflect the results of this intense workout. The changes include an improved posture, supple thighs, chiseled arms, a remodeled back, a flatter abdomen and a higher back.


Healthy metabolism

Barre stimulates your metabolism, which helps to rebalance caloric burns. The result is a lower risk of obesity and diabetes. The bar helps you reshape the non-toned parts leading to a slimmer body.


Correct posture

Enjoy the maximum controlled movements. Reduce the pressure on the joints, ligaments and spine. The result is a realigned, rebalanced body that works more efficiently and safely.


No boredom

Always full of positive energy you will realize that time passes quickly, and the accelerated tempo of the exercises, their variety and the inspirational environment awakens new sensations every time.

Ești gata pentru Barre Fitness?

Pentru confortul tău și pentru a asigura o tehnică cât mai corectă, clasele se desfășoară cu locuri limitate. Te rugăm să îți faci programare online. Dacă ai întrebări, te rugăm să ne contactezi.

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