Barre Instructor International Certification

Following your international certification as a fitness barre instructor at Barre Fitness Academy®, you will be able to teach immediate and successful fitness barre classes anywhere in the world. Learn from the founder of Barre Fitness Academy®,  which is an european quality standard for barre instructor certification programs. Nona Trif Schneider offers you an intensive course and a revolutionary training method that opens new development opportunities in your fitness career. Don’t miss the opportunity to be among the IBBFA USA internationally accredited fitness barre instructors! Get the barre fitness instructor certification!


Nona Trif, instructor and international master trainer,
recognized by media partners such as Antena1, Kanal D,
Radio Guerrila, Shape Magazine, Forma She Fitness,
Capital, Slab sau Gras, Topfitness,
Miscarea face Bine, etc.

The course is for you if you are: (at least one option below)

  • passionate about barre fitness and you want a new direction in your career
  • personal trainer;
  • aerobics-fitness instructor;
  • yoga / pilates instructor;
  • dance / ballet instructor;
  • graduate of the faculty of sports / physiotherapy.

Why choose us?


Do you want a career in a rising field?

You have the opportunity to be among the IBBFA USA internationally certified barre instructors, in a trendy training that stands out strongly in the USA.


Do you want to offer high quality training?

Balance, strength, flexibility and control are much improved. This training method has incredible results in redefining the body, but also in recovering from medical conditions.


Do you want more customers?

By adding this new workout to the fitness class program, you will capture the attention of a very large number of new clients, and you will provide existing clients with a new and attractive workout.


Do you want recognition?

After obtaining the certification, we officially recognize your status as a Barre Fitness Academy® graduate instructor. You will be listed in the directory of graduate instructors and the result of a good collaboration will benefit from post-training support.

What do we offer during the course?

The best basic information for:


mastering the correct technique and postural alignment


adaptation of exercises for the pre and postnatal period


classes designed in accordance with internationally accredited methods


implementation of progressive adaptations according to the physical condition of the students


creating balanced and captivating choreography


complex study of the method based on the textbook in Romanian or English


modification of exercises for the most common medical conditions


use of various specific accessories

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Testimonials from graduated instructors:

Ștefania Scarlat

The barre fitness course was a wonderful experience, it is well structured and complex. You learn a multitude of exercises and tips on business development. At the end of this course you successfully teach a barre class and start a wonderful instructor journey.

Monika Sipos Kirsch

I highly recommend the barre instructor course, for me it is a dream come true. Nona is a trainer who captivates the attention and arouses the interest of each participant. She shows professionalism and passion. I learned a lot of things that help me in being a good instructor.

Mihaela Toma

I participated in the course with the thought that I will learn a lot about barre fitness – posture, harmony, femininity. It was more than a course, it was a journey of self-discovery, of what I am today, a responsible instructor, self-confident. Thank you Nona Trif, for me you are a source of inspiration!

Elena Popei
Piatra Neamț

Nona gave me the best professional restart, she helped me to make the most of my experience as a performance athlete. From the first moment she offered me her full support and whenever I need advice she is present. There is almost no Barre class without a thought of thanks for Nona.

Juli Rogers

I have tried many different workouts, but the first time I tried Barre I knew this was it for me. With Barre I feel fit, tone and more confident. I heard this wonderful saying. “After 2 weeks with Barre you will feel results, 4 weeks see and 6 weeks hear. “ So true!

Ecaterina Maftei

I recommend the barre instructor certification course to anyone. The emphasis is on the correct  technique, on the adaptation of the exercises for the special situations. Nona is a great trainer, very calm and extremely passionate, who will make you fall in love with barre.

Cenan Cătălina

Barre fitness was a revelation, I never imagined I would like it so much. It was the most fascinating experience, exactly what I was looking for. Nona has a grace to teach like I have never seen before, she knows how to make you love what you learn, I felt very inspired and changed.

Adina Rada

The barre course was a very important step towards a new life. I tottaly love my barre classes and Nona is the “guilty” person for that. The course is extraordinary, very well structured and taught. Nona is a constant source of inspiration. I highly recommend the barre course, you can’t help but like it.

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