The concept of Barre Fitness first appeared in the 1940s when a German dancer named Lotte Berk developed a workout using the ballet bar, a workout aimed primarily at people with back problems. The idea was to incorporate rehabilitation therapies with her practice as a dancer to strengthen the back muscles during recovery. After 2001, this movement took off, becoming the most popular fitness trend in the United States.

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Why has this trend become so popular and gained followers even among celebrities like Madonna and Victoria’s Secret models? One reason is that it gave results and through consistency and a healthy diet, participants get a well-defined body.

The Barre method harmonizes the traditional exercises of pilates, yoga, functional fitness, elements of kinetotherapy and basic ballet movements, for a harmonious and toned body. Although there are many barre methods developed, the basic idea is the same; to combine the science of physiotherapists with the ways of lengthening and strengthening muscles through dance with minimal risk of injury. This is the main thing women look for during training, because they want to become stronger, but to remain feminine, to increase their heart resistance, to improve their posture and to lose weight and centimeters.


The exercises are performed in a certain order, alternating between the front and back of the body, so that one side is elongated and the opposite muscles are strengthened, improving posture and alignment. Increasing the intensity maximizes the ability to burn fat. That is why Barre Fitness is one of the best ways to gain the desired suppleness, lengthening the posture.




Non-aggressive training

Maximum controlled movements during training reduce pressure on the wrists, tendons, ligaments and spine. The result is a realigned, rebalanced body and a taller and slimmer posture.


Experience is not required

Everything has a beginning, and during the barre classes any obstacle is overcome. If you are worried that you do not have experience or that you will not keep up, you can count on the permanent support of the instructor. 


Improves flexibility

By controlled stretching, a much improved range of motion results. Bar classes develop two important aspects, so that by acquiring flexibility and endurance, you can enjoy an active life for a long time, without worrying about injuries.


Lose weight and inches

At the same time, the bar helps you lose inches and reshape untoned body parts, leading to a taller and slimmer body. You will build muscle fiber, stimulate your metabolism and produce more energy by consuming calories.


Tones muscles

Continuous pulsations with high intensity are used. Typical bar movements with low amplitude, multiple repetitions and pulsations, also known as isometrics, are designed to tire the muscles and the muscles will be toned.


Fast results

You will soon see the results of this intense workout and notice changes in less than a month, such as improved posture, slimmer thighs, chiseled arms, a remodeled back, a flatter abdomen and a higher back.

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First important factor of barre fitness

The first factor is related to the conductive nerve. For most healthy people, the brain signals to the muscles to contract. In most cases, the muscle contracts for very short periods of time, a few seconds, a maximum of a few minutes, before returning to its initial resting stage. At this stage it re-energizes, but if it is kept in contraction continuously or repeatedly, the nervous system gets tired. This causes a smaller number of muscle fibers to become active, remaining very few to withstand all the tension of the exercise.

The second important factor in barre fitness

The second factor is that the muscles reach a certain stage of fatigue, because the muscle fibers remain without fuel. All muscles are nourished by certain chemicals in muscle cells, which allows the muscle to move. With long periods of contraction, the muscles empty and contract less effectively, causing a trembling reaction of the muscles. So, your muscles become hungry and tired. With time and more practice, the body adapts to change. Muscle fibers become longer and stronger, and the nevos system more efficient. You will notice a reduction in muscle burn and tremor, instead you will experience stronger movements and a reduction in fatigue, during which time you will become that barre addict, characterized by good mood and energy who longs for more. No problem because the exercises can be continuously complicated, you can add weights to your ankles, which are getting heavier and heavier.

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