I went through many areas of activity (project management, marketing, sales), but nothing convinced me as much as the barre fitness did. With barre fitness, I felt from the beginning that I don’t have to make any compromises, that I love this type of workout more and more every day. The elegance and height of the positions, always with the head up, feminine, but at the same time strong. The Barre Fitness Academy® studio and training center it’s a daily satisfaction. I am determined to contribute to its spread, to make it known world-wide. That’s why I developed a complex barre instructor course, which enjoys the international accreditation of the high quality standard IBBFA (International Barre Ballet Fitness Association). Initially, we considered the pandemic a step backwards, but the current conditions have pushed us to teach online and have opened up many international development opportunities.



I have been passionate about sports for a long time, I have always loved beauty and elegance. In my case the main form of manifestation of feminism is represented by the active support of other women who manifest so beautifully and naturally with the barre fitness. In addition, the personal example I give to my little girl is a huge motivating factor to be active, I saw from the first moments the impact of this sport in my life and those close to me. So, with the support of my family, I doubled the corporate experience that developed my personality very beautifully and strategically, with the passion and desire to live my life offering and receiving joy, passion, perseverance, motivation, health. I joined Barre Fitness Academy® wanting to contribute to the quality of life of others. I am constantly connected to the latest trends and technologies in nutrition and workout and I can’t wait to train together.

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